Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Disastrously Growing Nation Debt

Our National Debt rose $237 Billion in the last 22 days. The Atlantic says Clinton has already broke her pledge of "No more increase in debt". The Treasury estimates the national Debt will rise 9 Trillion under Hillary with her socialist planning and 5 Trillion under Trump in the 10 years starting Jan.1, 2017.

Better be preparing for the next Great Depression. While it will differ from the Great Depression that lasted from 1930-39, the effects will be similar. Growth in the private will decline while growth in the public sector under Clinton will grow similar to the great plans of FDR. Trump is the best hope for less growth in the public sector and more growth in the Capitalist sector.

FDR, while creating much good while in office, did NOT stop the Great Depression. WW2. DID.

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