Monday, February 22, 2016

The Pope Also Says "People Should Not Fornicate"

More people, including Catholics, are fornicating today than ever in recent history. Also, since Gay Marriage is the law of the land, how does the Pope feel about that?

That we are a most compassionate nation, there is no doubt. It may also be part of our problem of being overly compassionate to some larger sectors of our population,

Do I sound a little like The Donald? As I've stated before, I would like to be an adviser to him. The wall between two countries should never be built. It is not needed. We should build more entry points and patrol the border against illegal entry with drones. Fences are made to be scaled or tunneled.

I am not up for election so I do not have tone down some of my rhetoric. But he is and he needs to start building more "green space" than fences.

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