Friday, February 26, 2016

Journal Star Headline States, "All Not Satisfied With Trump"

Amazing news! Are you sure, Associated Press?? Why, we turnip truck people thought everybody loved The Donald. We though everybody also loved Cruz and Rubio and Carson, and Kasich and Christie and, and, and and.....

Surely the Journal will run a headline, "Not Everybody Loves Hillary". Maybe send a free copy to Socialist/Marxist, Bernie Sanders, who is liked by EVERYBODY that wants more ineffective and intrusive government laden with free handouts. Surely the JS will  put in print that not everybody likes either Hillary and Bernie. Why?, because the JS Editorial Board has put in writing that they are a "Fair and Balanced", unprejudiced newspaper.

Ha, ha, ho.

The Democrat JS Editorial Board hates Trump with a passion. I'm sure they really believe that Hillary's "s--t d--t st---k'. Too bad they can't ask Hillary's old "friend", the long dead Mr. Foster.

All jesting aside, the JS  and AP have an over abundance of left wing columnists with Crown Prince Robinson. or should I say Socialist/Communists leading in print with his/their vitriol and hatred of all Republicans and Independents.

Often using editorials from other newspapers. The column the JS Editorial Board printed from the Republican hating Chicago Sun-Times in near the top in left-wing newspaper reporting.. As we that still reason, it comes as no surprise that Rauner could not win much more than an election as Illinois is really a Democrat state. Another reason Illinois is near bankrupt although I concede that some of the Republicans share a  portion of the blame.

I read the JS at Lakeview Library where I note by the sign out sheets, that few people read the 2 copies of the JS available to the public. I would say that most of the people using the free computers, do not look like the newspaper readers.

I hear the JS charges $.16 per word for Obituaries in addition to additional charges. Interesting. As are the few regular reporters left at our local leading news rag. Most news they print has already been reported.

So sad.

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