Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Rubio, a Sure Loser Against the Clinton's, Makes a Positive Correct Statement

A positive quote from Rubio, "If Trump wins, it is the end of the Republican Party as we know it." Yea, that's what I want and so do most Trump supporters. We are tired of the elite and the Establishment Republicans helping the Democrats run this country into the ground.

We want Republican leadership who represents all thinking people, the 20 some percent of registered voters who care enough to study the candidates in at least  some depths and then come out and vote.The other 75% of the people who really don't care who are their leaders as long as they keep getting their government handouts, whether in government jobs or excessive pensions, while so many pensions are running huge deficits such as Illinois.

Of course, many of us don't agree with everything Trump says. But the choice is lightweights Rubio and Cruz running against a chronic liar, a corrupt and immoral twosome, possible murderers, and a sure extension of Obama.

Can any one with half a brain imagine any of this this threesome standing up to Putin, Iran, North Korea, China and the ISIS and al the other terriist groups lining up against us.

If you do, I have an extinct MOA to sell you. I'll wait for your calls.

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