Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Republican Elite, Establishment and Wannabee Somebodies Think Rubio is the Savior of the Republican Party

Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho.Some need to come out of their Ivory Towers as my manager and I used to say about the elite at Sperry Rand, the inventors of Univac.

Are they still in business? IBM swept past them as Sperry management appeared to have their feet in concrete.  I have a letter from their President Paul Jean something saying that the stockholders came first. I disagreed. I felt a product in demand, top good management, competitive pricing, aggressive salespeople,  reasonably satisfied employees and satisfied customers came first. When you have those ingredients stockholders usually buy in. Hmmm

But I guess I was wrong. But then I note the company I founded 52 years ago still bears my name and appears to still be by far the largest company of it's kind in Peoria and possibly Central Illinois.

But what do I know???

Oh, is Trump perfect/? A long way from it, but compared to those running against him and those trying to destroy him in the medias, he looks a great deal like Flash Gordon.

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