Wednesday, March 02, 2016

CNN and FOX TV Look Like Two Male Gays Who Just Came Out of the Closet

CNN TV being an arm of the Democrats and FOX TV being an arm of the Republican Establishment occasionally bring someone on their networks with opposing views, They are like the male gays who love to have a straight woman in their company. Makes people who don't know are gay think they are straight. They, of course,  would never have intercourse or fondle a woman. And yes, I know their are "switch hitters" but they are the exceptions.

Like CNN and FOX.

When my company was in business I had a good looking female calling on the PA at Methodist Hospital. When my saleswoman went on vacation, I called on him and made the unfortunate statement, "I'm sure you would have D...... calling on you today". He went into a conniption and I lost the account.

I didn't know he was gay.He was much younger than I but I hear he is long dead. Interesting.

Am I missing it on all the chatter on and in the media, that no candidate has made a DIRECT appeal to gays? Or did Communist/Marxist Sanders? How the old comrade doing so far? Not well, I hear.

Interesting too.

No, I am not against gays. I just don't publicly endorse them. I hired at least two gays and both were good workers and did not flaunt their then rather unpopular sexuality.

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