Thursday, March 03, 2016

Romney Aggressive, Dynamic and Energetic On His Attack on Trump Today

Which brings the question, "Why wasn't he that person when he ran for President?? Trump was right when he called Romney stiff. Now Romney was today the man who was thought by most voters as the man to replace Obama.

Trump fired back in typical Trump fashion. A fashion that shows him to be the solid forerunner in the Republican Party. A fashion that have those who have helped run this country into such a state of affairs, that millions of people are supporting a Communist/Marxist (Sanders, not to confuse this description with the Clinton cabal) who fortunately can't win.

I stand by my earlier posts that despite all of Trump's faults, Donald Trump is the only person who can defeat the corrupt and dangerous Clinton cabal. If the Republican Party runs Cruz of Rubio, the Clinton's are a shoe-in.

Can he accomplish everything he promised? Of course not. Neither can Hillary, Rubio, Cruz and anyone else. One thing I guarantee. He has shaken the Republican Party roots like they have never been shaken in my lifetime.

And win or lose, that is a very good thing.

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