Saturday, March 05, 2016

Losers Romney and McCain Call "The Kettle Black"

A phrase probably 2000 years old fits these two Republican Presidential Nominee losers calling Donald Trump lots of mean names. Goes with the territory. Probably correct about Trump on a a few things. However, both fail to realize that it is past to "turn the other cheek" and elect a president who is a business savvy person who has met some rather large payrolls and is seldom "politically correct".

It should be remembered that many Establishment and a large number of phony elites, stayed home rather than vote for the Republican McCain and Romney. What did it get them? Probably the worst President of the United States of America since Harding.

As for those who say that Trump is not a Reagan. Of course not. Reagan was an actor and Trump is a businessman. That's not a FINE line between them.

All candidates are flawed. We are ALL sinners. Attack the Clinton cabal. They may be the biggest sinners of all times and all Republicans must come out and vote no matter who the Republican nominee chosen.

And Independents like me, come out and defeat the forces that are notably leading this country in the wrong direction. Any Republican candidate is a better choice than the Clinton cabal.

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