Monday, February 22, 2016

Nevada Democrats Caucus - Wow, Less Than 9,000 Though It Was Important To Vote

Correct me if  I'm wrong but approximately 9,000 potential adult voters were in just three major casinos in Vegas at the same time. CNN and FOX were ranting night and day about this MONSTER  election. Wow.

9000 turned out to vote. Peoria at one time had more than 10,000 people watching Bradley play ISU and this new got nary a mention on FOX and CNN.

I'd rather watch Slippery rock and Podunk Colleges play basketball than watch these highly educated analysts, "common-taters", and loud mouthed, Blacks "Smatter"  pontificate.

Blacks Matter folks try to fool the nation into believing that  all the security people, Wall Street and most white people in the U.S.A. are "agin" them and the same are dead set on profiling and shooting unarmed black punks like the punk in Ferguson, Mo, etc.

Trump and his followers are right. Oh, what a mess this country is in. Yes, the stock market is up today and I am up a bundle. That's a good thing today but tomorrow????

Oil jumped today and so did filling station gas prices. When filling station prices go up on the SAME day oil goes up, something is "rotten in Denmark". Oh, that's right, I can't use phrases like that anymore.

Not politically correct. Ha, Ha, Ho.

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