Saturday, February 20, 2016

Suggest the Republican Elite and Establishment Sleep Naked Tonight So They Won't Get Tangled Up in Their Long Johns and Bloomers

I laugh every time I hear Republicans called Conservatives Ho, Ho. People seldom read where Republican"s Dave Leitch and Ray LaHood were some of the biggest spenders in State and National government. LaHood was the perfect fit for the Obama Administration.

Donald, you have the money  I didn't. But the local media seldom tired of hammering me if they got a chance. When, as a Republican, I defeated the Republican 9 year incumbent woman, the Journal Star ran the same Republican Zan Ransburg supporting Editorial twice in hopes of defeating me.

To their chagrin and most in the Republican Establishment, I was up for election 7 times and was elected 7 times, twice by my peers, once defeating a fellow Republican. The 2nd time, defeating a Democrat old-timer by a  15-3 vote.. As you might imagine, both of these victories, were back page stories although the Manz-Drake controlled Editorial Board printed that they didn't understand how I won.

I can tell them, it wasn't with special interest money. I funded all my County Board campaigns with all but $100 from a friendly Democrat. Yes, I did have some Democrat friends back then. I also left the County Board in 2010 with ALL FUNDS BALANCED.

So now the Republicans have the Donald, who does not, to my knowledge call himself a conservative, but a pragmatist, which I once had the audacity of calling myself.

It is going to be a great tragedy if the Trump hating Republicans allow the media and their own mis-guided false pride to cause them to stay at home in November and let the Clinton Democrats further establish their dynasty. Maybe they aren't paying attention to all the polls showing disdain for most Congresspeople.

While I don't believe in some of Trump's rhetoric, ANY Republican would be a better choice than Hillary. (I don't think enough, although close, that U.S.A. voters are ready to go Socialistic and Marxist.with Sanders)

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