Monday, February 01, 2016

Iowa - One State Out of Fifty

Maybe Trump will learn from his mistakes. The mistakes as I see them are as follows: Missing the final and most important debate in Iowa. #2-Endorsing subsidies for Ethanol and All Bio-Diesel gasoline's. (I have never supported subsidies for corn, oil or sugar cane, etc. Many Iowans who live in cities do not support subsidies of ANY kind. My feelings also as I have criticized this practice in previous blogs under the title "Ethanol"). #3-Alienating so many people. Lot of fence mending to do before the Republican Convention which I hope to attend.#4-Not realizing how many voters believe in God and practice their religion most seriously.Most small town treat religion as a fundamental way of life.I grew up in one or two.

Cruz was correct in his belief that subsidizing Ethanol was improper. He scored more points on this issue than did Trump who may have erroneously thought Iowans "were all farmers".

No. I am not crying over this loss. I don't agree with Trump on building the wall. There are better ways to do which I have described in previous blogs on illegal immigration.Trump did call attention to why this country is sliding downhill which other candidates then picked up more aggressively.

Long way from over but I come back to maybe the key to why he lost Iowa: alienating too many people. Still, he is winning the hearts of many disappointed and angry people over the performance of so many elected officials.Still, Trump has to stop assassinating his rivals. Voters are becoming to savvy. Pointing out their flaws is ok to a point but one can only point these flaws out if he/she is flawless.

It will be a long spring, summer and early fall. If Trump is not nominating, you can count on it that he will not in this election year, try to organize a third party and he won't be saying, "now, now, Junior" just like so many excuse the serious flaws of their children..

I go back to my statement that none of the Republicans, at this point, can beat Hillary, as corrupt as she because so many Democrat voters are used to their parties corrupt officials. Yes, Bernie did well but their are still 49 other states who will find a Socialist as president as "unacceptable'.

Still, it's a "Long,long, time from now to September". This is just the first shot fired. And Trump, not being a politician, has a lot to learn.

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