Monday, April 17, 2017

Time to add "Democrat to the "Peoria County Chronicle"

Since Peoria is dominated by mainly Democrats, all three local papers who print more Democrat reading material, should add "Democrat" to their names. Paul Sassone is so disappointed that Trump and Rauner won that he just can't get over being tabbed as a sore loser.

I only hope that he doesn't teach somewhere. On 3/22/17, the Chronicle, for who he writes locally, printed "Bill calls for minimum wage to rise to $15 effective immediately". Typical Socialism for those who want to bring down the ones WHO CREATE JOBS and pay all those worth their PAY AND MORE equaling their merit, down to a socialist system where EVERYONE, WORTH LESS OR NOT gets the same pay.

Back to Sassone. On 4/12/17, again in the Chronicle, he wrote, "Talk of raising Minimum wage growing silent". He writes, " I can't remember the last time I read or heard about the minimum wage, either in raising it or lowering." Is this guy sharp or not???

The words, "or lowering" is a crack at the Republicans.

The overall view of most people who elected Trump is to be paid what THEY ARE WORTH and do not agree that others who contribute less should be paid the same. That is why unions are losing their clot in the PRIVATE sector while holding ground or gaining ground in the PUBLIC sector.

It appears that most public boards are controlled by Democrats, even if some elected positions are labeled "non-partisan".

If the Democrats are so sharp, why is Peoria basically dormant in the private sector?? And facing public sector debts that the locally media want avoid as long as possible as it hurts Peoria;s ALL-AMERICAN  status.


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