Wednesday, April 05, 2017

18% Registered Voter Turnout?? Voters are Dis-Enchanted With Our Politicians and Our Bureaucrats

A few voters have learned that power corrupts;,this knowledge passed on for 3000 years  Politicians and politics have turned into a deadly game. Anger has turned to hate. Debt will continue to rise; consumer, politics, social program, entitlements, and most businesses. Pension, long out of control, National debt rising over 2 BILLION dollars a day and growing.

Immigrants of all kinds, mainly Muslim, then Hispanics, radicals of all kinds including jobless, drug dealing blacks and whites, "bleeding hearts" and terrorists including 'wannabe terrorists', are changing our way of life into their way of life. Nuclear threats from outside our borders and bomb threats within; over 5 million people in this country would kill you if they thought they could get away with it, discipline totally shattered. Our mainstream press struggling to survive, will print or say anything to arouse the populace who largely know little about this history of our country and the other nations. The media know that the average reader or viewer will always remember the headlines not not much of the content which most generally tell, at least, 'the rest of the story". (Gee, I think I just committed plagiarism)

Spend a day at LakeView Library and count the number of people that enter the stacks and come out carrying anything but fiction and romance novels. At the end of the day, count the names who signed up to read our major local news rag. I do. Average about 5 readers per paper. Why.  Little news, mostly attacks on Trump and advertising. and the obits, which they usually print twice to make sure that person really died and is not a hoax. (plus more bucks to keep the rag in print").

TV has long been a wasteland and getting worse. Advertisers are desperate and clog all the major stations, especially sports events which are the most watched of any other kind of TV media.. Newspapers, magazines, fantasy print, etc, all are contributing to the Socialism of this country...

Studies show that 15% of our workforce works while under some influence of alcohol. Other drugs rank lower. Inflation in many areas is already here. Congress is deadlocked, The Democrats, the MAINSTREAM and their ilk will do ANYTHING to thwart Trump's every move.Those against them. Little common sense in politics today and consumer spending especially on children.(One Christmas, my present was a bag of marbles gift of the traveling Watkins "medicine" peddler) is on the rise. Retailers may not see it that way but watch what iss happening on the internet.

Robotics will replace some millions of worker in the next decade adding to the unrest.

I know Ardis, IB and the major 'movers and shaker' do not agree with me. That's okay. I was once an optimist when I built my successful company, the only name standing in Peoria after 50+ years have passed since I opened in 1964, a poor farm boy "off the turnip truck" with 2 employees and $2500 mostly borrowed and a $2500 line of credit. My name still stands on the nameplate of a local company now doing $20 million a year and growing. "Frick and Frack" said I know nothing, printed on "Emerge Peoria" blog 4 years ago.

Probably true. I'm sure, as staunch Democrats, who couldn't meet a payroll of three, believe they are right.


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