Monday, April 17, 2017

Himat Batra, Bradley Professor and Former Dr., Rida Boulas JS Editorials

Professor Batra, an avowed Islamic Muslim "teaches" at Bradley University who has the Islamic Muslims  vs.Trump believers, all wrong. (Racist provoking people like Professor Batra teaching young people is another reason I stopped helping fund Bradley).
Professor Batra posted a recent editorial in the JS and last Saturday, a most talented Dr. Rida Boulas, posted an opposing editorial "setting the record" right. Hope my readers had an opportunity to read both and you will see why so many like myself, see the problem with a large majority of Muslim Islamic and staunch Koran believer coming into this country with so many of them attempting to change our culture to their failed culture.

Many came here to find a better life but believe the reason they had to leave their countries is to come here to preach their failed philosophies.And blame us for these massive failures.

Dr. Rida Boulas sets the record straight. Thanks Dr. Rida, who is also a star senior tennis player and a very realist American Muslim and a friend. (As I mentioned before, my attorney is also a Muslim)

Dr. Batra should indeed teach the history of the Middle East and what REALLY went wrong. He should also be a student of American History, who with all it's faults has proven to be a far better place to live and enjoy our laws and freedoms..Even Dr. Batra and all Muslims should realize that simple truth.

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Amod Sureka said...

Professor Batra is Hindu.