Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sexual Harassment? Will the Losers Ever Get Over It? Let's All file Lawsuits - Encourage All Your Daughters to Be Lawyers

It may not pay to be a famous male anymore. More than likely, you will be hit by a sexual harassment law suit.  Every woman turned into a bimbo can find a reason and a lawyer to sue the "rich and the famous". Being a woman and almost always white, seems to be an advantage when it comes to negative news coverage demeaning men. Men being charged with sexual harassment by women who flaunt their sexuality at every opportunity. That many charges are settled out of court should not surprise even the dimmest bulb.

Take the case of Bill O'Reilly, one of the best TV political analyst ever. Why should he try to defend himself? He listened to the advice given him by his own attorney and advise of the attorneys representing the organization for which he worked and represented? The charges against O'Reilly and Hannity are "alleged" and not proven in court. Why harm the organization employing you as you try to defend charges, that even though mostly or totally false, are publicized by the very liberal mainstream media in their relentless pursuit of making women superior to men?

Should I have filed sexual harassment charges when a white lady executive invited me to her home to listen to her play the piano?  Of course I wouldn't but the losing ilk, whether in romance or politics, all those Democrats and other women losers charging publicly Trump, Hannity and O''Reilly, have proven that they will.

Have my readers noted that almost all 'alleged' sexual harassment charges are against Republicans and their accusers are Democrats?

These women, if really being sexually harassed or just 'playing a game', could just say no or stop it now, but they can't cause they are the weaker sex.. Ho, Ho.

Expect these charges to expand as sleazy lawyers see an opportunity to make big bucks and a reputation, especially if they win a case or a settlement for a 'scorned woman" who sees an opportunity to boost her falling importance in world events..

At the expense of a men doing a great jobs in their profession.

What a sad world this is becoming.

Where is Bill Clinton asking the definition of 'sexual harassment' as he asked for a definition of oral sex? Nowhere, because he did more have more consensual sex and he and his 'wife'  are losers. You can be rich and still be losers as politics mad the Clinton's definitively rich.

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