Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tump's First One Hundred Day Speech - Fox TV and CNN - What a Difference

Fox was all enthusiasm with smiles all around (I love Justice Jeanie Pirro) while CNN was all pout faced with a forever sore loser attitude. I watched it all and loved MOST of what Trump said.. Accomplishments? Very many, and yes, many were by his Executive Order. Trump is a businessman now turned political. He didn't properly assess that every Senator or Congressman has the same power of one vote per each'

He probably was "stabbed in the back" by House Speaker Paul Ryan (whose power is waning) and his replacement for ObamaCare was flawed by people like Ryan. Eventually, there will be changes but not as drastic as Ryan was able to sell to Trump.

Back to the speech. I rate it an A and one of his best. That he shunning the correspondent dinner to show his direct appeal to the commoner. And in the rural City of Harrisburg, Pa. Yes, I have blogged before that their is a bit of egalitarian and populist in the The Donald, and yet, that is not all bad.

He again hammered the biased and Democrat Leftist mainstream press and i loved it. It will be interesting to see what is written in the the Peoria Journal Star Democrat tomorrow. (23 out of 26 days, the JSEB has featured cartoons degrading Trump) I do give the paper credit that they do print edited LTE's (The all Democrat Journal Editorial Board (JSEB) edits all 'Letters to the Editor', especially those written by people they don't personally like) supporting Trump. Many wonder why the paper doesn't talk more about how the Clinton Cabal would have done SO MUCH BETTER.  Ha, ha.

Anyway, Trump will turn out to be the best President in many years. I only wish to live long enough to witness.

Over and over, I write that NO poliction can ever fulfill more than half of his promises. Doubters ccan look u[p promises made by "fixtures' on the Peoria City Council have made over all the many years they held office. A budget that was o show an one million deficit, surprise!!, turns out to be a $6-7 million deficit.

The Peoria County deficit may be in line now but way out on a limb by 2020 without the usual tax and fees increases.

More taxes and less efficiency. (But a lot of talk about more 'efficiency').They are coming all around in Illinois and Peoria. I see my property taxes have INCREASED by $300+ when WE were told there would be no increase. And you haven't ween anything yet.

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