Saturday, April 29, 2017

Excessive Rain and Cold Weather a Setback to Farmers

You won't see much written about this sorry situation in our local rag. Why not? It would cut down space for page after page of desperate and now cheaper newspaper advertising.

In spite of too much advertising and not enough TRAINED sales staff, I suggest a minimum of 10 business failures in the area by 12/17. You won't read much about these many of these failures like IRepair that was to bring dozens of new jobs to Peoria. What happened to them? Like the HIGHLY TOUTED FIRE FLY. Gone, WELL, rEMNANTS OF fIRE fLY STILL REMAIN ON gALENA rOAD   and I'm told bankrupt. sORRY, MY COMPUTER WON'T LET ME CAPITALIZE THE FIRST LETTER OF THE ABOVE WORDS????

On 2/24/08, a long departed JS writer headlined, "iRepair's success is validation for Project Springboard, stating how the company had so many offers to locate their headquarters in so many major cities but selected Peoria. (and what happened to 'Project Springboard"??????)

The same writer, in a second column, "Wake up economic developers" warned how close we were to losing iRepair and the great work Peoria Next and the EDCCI were doing in getting IRpair to locate in Peoria rather than Birmingham or Nashville..Ho, ho

Wonder how much taxpayers lost when iRepair, long gone, disappeared; period..Oh, it was financed by private dollars. Sure and so was the Peoria Riverfront Museum if you believe in Fairy-Tales.

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