Saturday, April 29, 2017

What Happened to the OIC Group Partly Financed by Peoria Taxpayer Dollars??

I hear from being a SUSPOSEDLY thriving Peoria enterprise it is now a basically on-line operation operating out of a small office in Tazewell County. Whether the Peoria County $25,000.00 loan was ever paid back, I do not know. The City of Peoria also lent $25,000.00. Whether it got our money back, I do not know.

Morton Community Bank lent $65,000.00 and in a letter dated 3/25/2009, sent to the then EDC, encouraged Peoria County to lend $25,000. .

Information from Peoria Next relayed through Bradley University.

When I established my business, now by far the largest of it's kind in Peoria, all I received from the City was harassment by Ray Becker's control over Ernie Russell of the Peoria Fire Dept..

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