Monday, April 24, 2017

First Hundred Days "Artificial"? Of Course.

I figure the President has more than 1200 more days left in his administration. Plus he has had numerous problems to deal with from divisions within his ow party, Democrats and the mainstream media resistance to almost his every move from a better health care system, public safety, illegal immigrants, Syria, North Korea, wire tapping or some kind of wireless intrusions, Iran and rising drug importation. (When you read about 10 tons of cocaine being interdicted, know that 10 times that amount made it through safely).

Or perhaps explain to me how so many jobless youths, mainly black youths, are wearing a lot of gold, hanging out at the Paradice and driving expensive cars here in rural Peoria????

There were only two real choices for President. I and the informed voters chose the better of the two.

Suck it in and stop trying to destroy the America Trump is trying to repair.

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