Monday, April 24, 2017

I Cast my Score On Trump's Hundred Days - An A-

Facing 175 mile wind-streams created by mainstream media, all Democrats and a well-meaning but sorry sounding bloc of Republicans, he has done an amazing job. His first year will be sensational. That he could accomplish 50% of what he would like to accomplish, would in itself, be a miracle.

I, like many other, do not agree on all his moves. If Planned Parenthood locations are run properly, they render a great service to mostly unmarried black young women, poor white and people of any color (and some young men) with little education, no work ethic and no meaningful job and from a drug society. I believe Trump's action stems from his V-P who has strong support of the right and far right wings of the Republican Party. It's possible that PP can do their job without Federal Funding for some of their needs.

He believes that as we deport many unwanted illegals that a wall is necessary to keep them from coming "right back over".And a wall to help stem the flow of illegal drugs into this country.

Trump is a doer, right or wrong, and he is not to proud to correct his wrongs. Yet he is criticized by the press for changing campaign positions to realistic positions now that he seers the mess he has inherited and "gets a handle" on ever changing world of events. He is the man in charge of political situations instead of private business dealing that have marked his career.

Certainly the protestors have a right to protest reasonably peaceful, should they start turning into mobs, we might experience LA of 25 years ago, all over again. I see in Trump more and more patience but he will NOT permit mob actions which can hasten the physical Revolution I have predicted. Many felt their would not be a Civil War but their was.

So many smart people with so much ignorance among these "smart people".

So sad.

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