Monday, April 24, 2017

16 Years later, Her Career Fading, Now Recalls That she Was Sexually Harassed at Fox TV

She, I won't give her the satisfaction of using her name, made a remarkable discovery last week that she was sexually harassed when she applied for a job at Fox TV 16 YEARS ago. When she "moved on" in 2014, she praised the company and said how much she enjoyed her job.

Now she sees an opportunity to cash in on an "alleged" charge. Suspect she is a Democrat on the way down the social ladder. Works at CNN. Maybe she believes some extra easy cash will help cover some of her debts or her kids education or her boyfriend or husband is out of their jobs??

I write like I don't believe their is sexual harassment both by women and men, in the workplace.Of course there is. Always has been but nowhere near s bad as it was a century ago.

 I find it extremely odd that the charges against Trump appeared very shortly before his election. And that the charges against Fox TV Republican 'leaners', are being filed yet far left Democrat leaning CNN remains unscathed.

Doesn't bother me because I will ALWAYS prefer Fox over CNN. When I walk into an establishment showing CNN, I ask if the station can be changed to Fox. I don't recall ever being denied.

Polls show that 83% of mainstream media, and you could call the JS in rural Peoria, mainstream barely, if you can get by all the ads which I skip quickly, try to demean Trump at every opportunity.

If their is not an opportunity, they create one.

So sad.

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