Saturday, April 01, 2017

Ray LaHood's Earmarks

Of the many he made including taking $5 million from the Highway Stimulus bill and putting that badly needed repairs money in the failing PRM underground garage, he also used $2.5 million from federal defense funds for bankrupt FireFly Energy. (which I strongly opposed) He also earmarked $26 million in 2006 in defense funds to Caterpillar. JS, April 26, 2006.

Remember, one of the major faults of our Federal Government, besides corruption, is "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". Besides, elected officials are OBLIGATED to bring back our dollars that Washington should have never taken in the first place. Unfortunately, this dollars generally go to those who spent the big dollars to get people like LaHood elected and reelected.

In 2008, Biofuels Manufacturers of Illinois had "shovel ready" land near Mapleton rezoned for their plant. I believe that company today has an office in Bloomington, Il. No plant that I am aware of in Mapleton. I believe that they never "broke ground' anywhere. It is my belief that LaHood directed Stimulus money to that LLC company. My question is that why few people ever pay any attention to what happens to their tax dollars after they are grabbed by our government

I have a GREAT problem with your and my money taken by government agencies and is then used to help finance private enterprise and speculation..Elected officials say they must do it because if they don't, other cities like E.Peoria, will.

It's called "rob Peter, pay Paul.

So sad.

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