Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cash Strapped School district #150 Takes on More Expense

Peoria Public School District #150 just set another example as to why the entire administrative system needs a change and soon. As the news media reports AGAIN today the failures of the public school systems to get kids to even take an interest in basic arithmetic, let alone math. But the new example? The school board consists of 7 non-paid members serving 5 year "sentences", but only 5 of the 7 showed to discuss publicly and vote for a a new leader as per JS Columnist Dave Haney. Haney reports today, "Durflinger will now Lead District 150." Durflinger will be paid $673 a day plus expenses each day he works and probably left unsaid, he will probably be kept on after the Hinton replacement is hired to work along side the new administrator.

To illustrate how weak administration at #150 is, no one was qualified to assist Hinton in his lingering months. The statement by board member Wolfmeyer that moving somebody up would cause a "domino effect" of shuffling administrators, again showing the lack of any majority of the board having a concept of how to run a business.

A Superintendent with a business and financial background would have merely increased the load on the bevy of current department heads in administration making $100,000 plus salaries with fat retirement pensions, vacations, sick leave, not to mention "personal" days off.

Done every month in the private sector that pays taxes, not collects and spends OPM.

Speaking of "sick" this district is sick and I do not see a bright future for the system as a whole. The JS recently ran an article saying Peoria could be a senior mecca. The speaker, being the head of a out-of-town headquartered bank, was probably not aware of all the new taxes and increased old taxes such as will be coming from #150 and a slew of other taxes. Or he is just a money lending optimist.

I hear Ross and Gorenz had reasons to not attend this special event. Then they should have scheduled a "special" meeting. And what a shame that Hinton developed no one under him to move up and assist him for this short period of time before his early retirement. The board should have insisted that Hinton groom an interim assistant.

On August 3, 2007, the HS reported that Hinton would be out 3 months, "Hinton had surgery and has been in and out of work and has yet to return to work full-time. Question: Who ran the district during Hinton's many absences?

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Anonymous said...

A pathetic mess indeed. Hopefully the first order of business for Mr. Durflinger will be to shave the administration. If he doesn't do that, he'll be percieved as just another stiff sucking the system at the expense of kids.