Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"Honor Killings" - Islamic Muslim Murderers

"Murder in the name of Honor", when a life is worth less than honor, by Rana Husseni is highly suggested reading for those of you who are adamantly against the abuse of women. Many are aware that as more un-enlightened and often un-educated fundamentalist Muslims settle in enclaves of our larger cities in the United States, there will be more demand for Islamic Law to exist equally with the laws established by our fore fathers.

While the Netherlands struggles to determine if the killer of an Afghan woman, murdered along with her 10 year old daughter, should be prosecuted according to the standards of Dutch Law or Islam, honor killings continue here in the United States.
Many of these killings are masked as suicides, some are as young women feel they must take their own lives before being killed by members of their own family. Even attempts to escape from honor death often do not succeed as these women are tracked down by their relatives and killed along with any children they may have borne.

The law covering so-called "honor" killings vary in different countries. Sometimes a killer will serve no prison time or as little as three month.

Read this book. You will be dismayed at the horrific killing, the "reasons", the inaction of Muslim leaders and judges and yet be encouraged by the actions of Muslim women like Rani Husseni and so many others (also, Hirsi Ali is a Muslim heroine who I have blogged about her unbelievable situation)to bring to light ancient horror systems and the heroic efforts to bring these killers to true justice.

"After the Prophet" by Lesley Hazelton, the epic story of the Sunni-Shia split, encapsulating much of the history from Muhammad's rise in 623 AD to be the leader of the Muslim world---to year 2009. "Placed squarely in the volatile intersection of religion and politics, history and current events, the vividly narrated 'After the Prophet' is compulsive reading--and an emotional and political revelation for Western readers', quoted from the inside cover of the book."

A must read.

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