Thursday, October 29, 2009

Most Stupid Headline of the Day

Al:Marri: Danger or devoted dad?, appeared in the JS today under the by line of Andy Kravetz. I believe the news page editor sets the title of the major articles. Whoever takes credit for the header is is pretty far left leaning.

Even the Mafia leaders were known as devoted to their families. So was Charles Manson. But if you read all Kravetz articles, you will note a leaning towards the oppressed. However; Phil Luciano got it right in his column on 10/23/09, "Al-Marri let off easily? Terrifying". Thanks Phil for getting it right. I wonder if Abu Usamah At-Thahabi, the former immam of the Islamic Center at 1716 N. North St., near Peoria High, was a friend of Al-Marri and whether they may not have plotted together. Abu, as you recall was quoted by the now departed Michael Miller then of the JS, on 1/13/07, as saying that "It has come to pass that the Christians and the Jew, America, the U.K., France, Germany, they have come against the religion of al-Islam. We want al-Islam and the laws of Islam to be practiced. We want to do away with man-made laws. Muslims shouldn't be satisfied in living in other than the total Islamic state. Whoever changes his religion from al-Islam to anything else, kill him in the Islamic state. If the immam wants to crucify him, him he should crucify him. The person is put up on the wood and he's left there to bleed to death in three days."

Abu lived in Peoria and was the spiritual leader of the church on North St. While living here, Abu was the "good dad" who in March of 2003 preached to dozens of Muslims that "all we as Muslims want is fairness and equality. We don't want people to think we are un-American. Or encouraging subversive actions. We are not preaching t our community a message of hate toward non-Muslims or America."

Sure, and if frogs had wings they wouldn't be bouncing around on the butts. Thank our god that Abu now lives in England or did where the Muslims are taking over London much as they have taken over Dearborn, Mi and are trying to take over New York City. Maybe that is one reason so many New Yorkers are fleeing New York such as they are fleeing Michigan and Illinois.

What should be of a concern that people like Abu and Al-Marri were once considered to be friends of people still living in Peoria. Who know what the church on North street is preaching these days? Who is their Imam?

I will never believe that Al-Marri, who lived in Peoria, a good family man who was captured in an E. Peoria Motel, came to Peoria without like thinking contacts and I question where are they now and what they are discussing. To make America a better place? Hmmmmmm.

Hopefully, the FBI knows. I'm not bothered that there is one less radical immam in Dearborn, Michigan? But, I believe the FBI screwed up. With proper planning, he should have been taken alive so he could have been charged and put through serious questioning, no different than any other ethnic group who threatens our country.

To Judge Mike Mihm, put al-Marri someplace where he is never a threat to our country again.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world." Thanks for reminding us, Margaret Mead.


Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned life in prison wouldn't have been long enough for al-marri. And by the way is he going to be allowed to stay in the states when his eight years is up or will he be deported?

Merle Widmer said...

Al-Marri will be out in 5 years because his handlers have told him how to act in a U.S. based prison. It will be interesting to see where he finally settles after release carrying all the hate education he learned from really hard-core terrorists at GITMO. A mis-carriage of justice. I will blog on Mihm's statements today.