Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Michelle Malkin and Dan Proft

Michelle Malkin is one of the best columnists and a most outstanding guest speaker on national networks; look her resume up on your search machine, She is amazing. Both Michelle and Dan speak my viewpoints.

Merle Widmer


October 5, 2009

Michelle Malkin Takes Up Dan's Fight!

Conservative Columnist Shines Light on Quinn and SEIU

October 5, 2009

Today conservative columnist Michelle Malkin took up our fight against Gov. Quinn’s Executive Order to unionize personal support workers of disabled children. Citing my press conference last week on her blog, Michelle shines a light on Gov. Quinn’s cynical ploy to payoff his public sector union financiers in SEIU with his intrusion into the homes of families with disabled children.

Writes Michelle:

"Roughly 3,500 people in Illinois receive state funding to assist someone, usually a family member, at home with a developmental disability. In June, Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn signed an executive order approving collective bargaining by “individual providers of home-based support services” — effectively busting open the doors of private homes for the Purple Shirts of the SEIU and other union competitors hungry for new dues-paying members.

"The home-based workers weren’t seeking a collective bargaining agent.

"But unions were targeting them…

"Who will fight the SEIU and its power-hungry union competitors?

"With a few exceptions, Republican officeholders have been asleep at the wheel — or worse, on the union dole themselves:

"Today conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Proft joined families with disabled children to protest Gov. Pat Quinn’s Executive Order 09-15 which provides public sector unions SEIU and AFSCME the ability to unionize providers of services to the disabled under the Home-based Support Services Program administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services. In many instances, the persons who have qualified for assistance as home-based service providers are the parents of the disabled children."

If we are serious about protecting and providing for the most vulnerable in our society, then we must stand with families playing by the rules to provide for their disabled children.

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