Thursday, October 22, 2009

OBama's War

Our President Obama is both openly and secretly waging a "war" against anyone who speaks out against him or opposes him. Not just the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Fox News, but most of the clear-thinking people in the United States who believe we have a Democracy in our Republic. Even some of our most liberal newspapers are starting to speak up and print the some of the truth that many of us have known since he first started dominating the news with his promises of a "turkey (or maybe a rock now??) in everybody's pot".

His maneuvering should remind a lot of us of what is happening in the parts of Muslim ethnic groups and their "rage" over any caricaturization of Muhammad, dead all these 1400 years.

While most Christians are not happy of any caricaturization of Jesus Christ or of God, we do not issue "Fatahs".

Basically, it is apparent Obama is issuing Fathas to Capitalism and freedom of speech.


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