Friday, October 30, 2009

al-Marri Sentenced - Back in Society in Five Years?

Judge Mihm said in rendering a sentence not as strong as a low level drug dealer or an ordinary citizens using an unregistered gun to protect themselves, "al-Marri was a risk to 're-associate with the people who brought him here'." (Peoria)

Judge Mihm also said "I don't believe you are a lackey. That would insult your intelligence and to the commitment you made when you came here (Peoria) as a sleeper agent for al-Quaida. I believe you have not totally rejected what you did, and that you would do it again after you go home, (where is home and how long will he stay home?) whether here or somewhere else. That remains to be seen."

I doubt whet er he stays in Peoria unless some left leaning liberal professors at Bradley recruit him to teach here. More likely if he stays it will be in Dearborn or Detroit where he would be welcomed with open arms.

After the weak sentencing of the "family" man; nice picture of he and 4 of his 5 kids, (where was a picture of his wife?) that appeared today in the JS, al-Marri will spend his time in prison on "good behavior") while he quietly recruits other bitter inmates to his Jihad against the stupid infidel. The picture in the JS was a nice picture same as the worst Mafia leaders would have taken with their families.

It is difficult to determine where this administration is leading us other than government domination, but there is no doubt that the citizenry will be easier to handle as we grow more pacifist and apathetic. I wonder how many letters of marriage proposals this terrorist bent intellect received while he was at GITMO? If he is still married to ONE woman, many would not care.

Let's hope that Judge Mihm's decision doesn't set a pattern of sentencing of terrorists now lucky to be tried under a civilian court of law. Civilian instead of military? How could Obama get away with that?

Wake up, America.


Lola Takes Pictures said...

It was my understanding that he'd serve his time here and then be deported. I hope that's still the case.

Chase Ingersoll said...

The only plausible explanation I have for the short sentence bestowed by Judge Mihm is that al-Marri is going to be RFID chipped by the CIA, tracked to a Yemeni lair and dispatched at by a Predator Tomahawk along with all of the extremists there to celebrate his return.

Otherwise the following would seem to apply:

In a time of War, when an sworn enemy is found behind your lines, not in any uniform identifying him as a combatant, is apprehended and proven to be providing aid and comfort to the enemy, he is considered a spy and executed.

I believe there is a difference between those of us who raised our hand and swore to uphold the constitution so that we could risk our lives for the protection of this country, and those like Judge Mihm who upon taking the same oath of office, were then afforded a level of armed protection that we and other citizens can never expect to receive.

No Russian or Chinese Judge would have allowed this sort of outrage.

It is the height of insult to those of us who served and pledged our lives to see the constitutional rights of native born civilians of the United States, eroded in the War on Terror, even while those sworn to protect the Constitution use it to protect those who are sworn to destroy it.

Mihm should be challenged. He should be protested. He should be ashamed and held in contempt by anyone who has served and especially by anyone who has served in the Middle East.

Today, Muslim extremist are thanking their Allah for a faithful servant like Judge Mihm.

...someone please inform me why I am wrong....

What Judge Mihm fails to realize is that he is making extremists out of people far more moderate and far less outspoken than me. And I firmly believe in the likelihood that one of such men, will use the the training they received after taking their oath to the Constitution, and to promptly dispatch of al-Marri when he leaves Federal Custody.