Saturday, October 10, 2009

Noble Obamaism - Peace and the Economy

Forty-six killed by terrorist bomb blast in Pakistan yesterday. Pakistan announces plans to really get after the killers hiding in the mountain caves with Usama.

What's new?

A flashback to the mid-thirties from Leo M. Murray from Belvidere, N.J. writes in the WSJ, "President Roosevelt started the WPA, the CCC, and other make work projects in 1933. Idle adult males started working, sending money home and their families were paying off accumulated bills. Few, if any, worried about the toll on taxpayers. They were getting roads, cleaner surroundings and even substantial art.

The economic turnaround may have been from a very low pre-Roosevelt base, but it was also accomplished in the first term of a president with a sharper focus on where the money went than President Obama, dealing with today's bust, has. Today's working class sees the government spending inconceivable amounts of money on 'earmarks' and other projects whose prime purpose seems to be more like make-work for government employees and power for Democrat congressman, than an effort to restore dignity to the unhappily unemployed."

And Merri Spaeth of Dallas, Tx. writes "Speaking as a small business owner, I can tell you that business, especially small business, where most of the jobs are, can and will hire quickly, and it's a big 'if' today, taxes are competitive with the rest of the world. This means lower taxes, simpler taxes and much more consistent tax policies. No 'tweaking' and raising back and forth every year. We do not need another government funded 'temporary' or 'targeted' tax credit. That's an invitation to more government mischief.

Business are not hiring because we have no idea what the next year will look like."

Not to worry, Merrie Spaeth, we know the Federal Government is still hiring and will be hiring for at least another three years. And don't worry about new taxes; they are coming at warp speed from all sources, many in disguise, from all levels of the public sector.

The economy? 15,000,000 laid off or fired with predictions this figure will grow. Locally, the museum committee promised new jobs to stimulate the economy while spending $640,000 or more on educating the public how to vote on the referendum. The referendum passed by less than a 1% margin. Now the committee says wait till next summer. Construction costs and all costs will then most likely be higher if the administration promised recovery is real.

Now that the Olympics in the U.S is a dead issue, after the Nobel Peace prize winner is through being wined and dined, after some sort of a nine hundred billion health "plan" is foisted on the middle class, a presidential "decision" is made about how to win a peace in Afghanistan, maybe our president will have enough time to get real about our stagnant economy.

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