Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama: We've Had Enough of the Same Old Thing

That's what Obama said as he was running for the presidency. He was right. He and the most left leaning Democrats are trying to shove ObamaCare down the throats of a largely pathetic citizenry. This bill, Pelosi and the liberal Democrats is touting, is an outright grab of more government power over the people and the private sector. This 1990 pages of "how do you interpret it attorney legalize" (it mentions the word "shall" 38 times, no I didn't read it but Republican friends did) will supposedly cover 36 million additional people, up from 30 million a few weeks ago. It will cost the taxpayer an additional $1.055 trillion over a 10 year period.

Still unclear is whether the 36 million Americans will cover 10 million or more illegals that many feel will be granted amnesty by the administration sometime after passage. I hope enough Democrats will have the courage to vote against this bill until it is reworked to delete domination by the expanding U.S. government.

Representative Aaron Schock is hosting a Health Care Townhall Meeting Monday, 7:00 - 8:30, at Five Points Washington, 360 N. Wilmor Rd, Washington, Il. I'll not be able to attend because of the County Board meeting at the Court house Monday evening.


Jon said...

I couldn't help but notice in your third sentence, you said "a largely pathetic citizenry". Maybe you meant, "apathetic"...then again, maybe not! :)

Astonished I Am said...

Well Merle, I generally don't like bigger government any more than you do but here's what I've noticed over the last 35 years of political debate: the R's say they don't want bigger government but what happened when they had complete control of the government? The largest power grab in our nation's history (Patriot Act) from a liberty standpoint preceded by a turn over of the reins of power to the private sector (repeal of Glass-Stengal(sp?)) and we see the wisdom now of doing that in 1998 (when the R's only controlled the House and Senate but had marginalized Clinton due to a zipper problem of his own making). So I don't view this effort as nearly so sinister as the R base. Too many people (with and w/out jobs) are screwed by insurance companies everyday with long term effects that ripple out and affect us all. The private sector (insurance co's, drug companies, etc.,) only motivation is profit and they have been highly so with the current system. So what evidence do you or Schock have that says the private sector will fix this system which a vast majority of Americans believe is broken? I've seen none; only a bunch of No's to reform. They've had their day; the R's need to decide whether they are on the side of the American people or on the side of the profit driven private sector.

Merle Widmer said...

Corrections - Apathetic more often than being pathetic. Pathetic are the people who claim to be registered voters, 80% in a recent poll, confirming that many of them lie or just guess that they are registered. Which means they are part of the 73% of registered voters, who don't vote very often if at all.

When I was running for office, some well-meaning people would say they voted for me. When asked where they live, they weren't in my district.

Correction, also, the "shall" apppears 3400 times in the 1100 page so-called health bill presented by most of the Democrat electorate.

Schock's presentation is only 140 pages, a readable document.