Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Moore Love Review

A review by local journalist Danielle Hatch titled "Capitalism gets no Moore love" Ms. Hatch writes "Moore is the voice of reason, his narration piping in: "This is capitalism, a system of taking and giving--mostly taking.'"

Sure, I feel sorry for the Hackers from Bartonville. And other described and elaborated to play on people's emotions. Certainly there are sorrowful stories described in all of Moore's movies. There are way more "exceptional" success stories. During the Great Depression, many farmers all around my dad's farm went under. Dad was a survivor. The 11 member family kept track of all income and expenses. In 1934, Expenses were $4063.64 and Income was $4229.32. Every penny was recorded like buying sugar, cocoa, a broom and butter for $6.01. All of us learned how to work and some skills. None of us ever went on "welfare" as known in its proper form. I know some readers will say "what about the GI Bill of rights and Medicare and Social Security?" Sure, they are types of "safety nets" but, unfortunately, the list of requests for government aid never ends.

Then there is Medicaid which is basically the opposite of Medicare.

Moore is a radical dreamer from the far left, describing fictional days when "people had a secure pensions and vacations and could get their kids a decent education without needing to take out a 6 figure loan." What socialistic crap. And many stupid college kids eat it up while on a phone paid by their parents, calling their capitalist or government employee daddy to increase the limit on their credit cards. Or maybe killing each other in friendly drinking contests, shoving matches or deadly prank playing? Where do they get the money? If Ms. Hatch went to ICC, does she know that as early as 2005, ICC was collecting $9.8 million and many other tax-payer funded grants dollars; taxes paid by non- related capitalists or from their capitalist daddies and mommies?

Too many people today seem to think the government owes them a living. Where on the world do these do-gooders think money comes from? Oops, I forget, the printing presses of the Federal Reserve. It's apparent that Moore and a majority in current government believes that also. These "people" are the great equalizers; of course, as long as they get the largest unequal share. I'd like to ask Ms. Hatch if she knows how much Moore is worth personally, does he live in an upscale neighborhood or maybe something similar to a rental home on Oakwood St. on the Southside of Peoria? Does Moore fly into towns and cities or does he bicycle in? Or come by a private bus or taxpayer supported Amtrak? Where does he stay? In a motel? Or an upscale hotel? If Ms. Hatch is a college person, who paid her way? Scholarships, grants and gifts all come from someone having the ability to make a profit to pay taxes. Or do her parents work for a tax-supported government?

Ms. Hatch and the JS did at least print a PROFESSIONAL critics report that the movie is a 2 star out of five and that "Moore's films are always entertaining, but don't expect a balanced report".

Kill capitalism and we kill this country. Tort capitalists? Send them up the river. Tort Socialists, Tort attorney's and corrupt union bosses? Corrupt leaches like some I've mentioned previously? Same thing.

In the meantime some of us had better be paying attention to what is going on. The stock market is booming but always comes a bust. Those paying attention are usually survivors when the unexpected happens. Sob stories throughout all of history, are a dime a dozen, many of these sob stories are made "at home by common ordinary people, right here in the U.S.A." Other, are just plain misfortune. But I don't recall anyone telling me life was a lark. When things went bad in my life, which they often did, I adapted. Seems to have worked out fairly well, considering.

Moore knows how to play gullible youth and socialistic bent others. Like a drum beat.

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