Tuesday, June 27, 2017

JS Asks, "Why Can't the Ranks Rise Up? (1/27/16)

Stupid question but what's new with the Left Media. "Madigan is as much to blame as Rauner", says the JSEB.. Really? Good gosh, gol-darn, what the hey, goodness sake, gee whiz, Hot news just off the press. Rauner of course is a Republican while the "going bankrupt State of Illinois" is CONTROLLED BY THE DEMOCRATS and abetted by Democrat news media, dominating the State and Peoria, Il.

Cat Stayed in Illinois. Was it the incentives? Or did they just want to get out of a community facing massive problems with NO money.. Boy, people are always thinking of something new. Gee whiz, again.

And with Demos Denis and Syd new on the council and Riggy always going with the flow expect after they vote to buy the water company, Peoria will have a debt similar to the State.

And eventually, higher cost of U.S.A. owned water. No, IA doesn't own the water. A surprise I'm sure, to some of my readers who used to attack me as "anonymous".

Oh, no. I forgot. One bond seller says the City will ,MAKE $3 million a year. And the PRM will bring $16 million of new business into the city as projected by 2 Bradley Economic Professors.

HEY, YOU BRADLEY, GUYS, WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE $16 Mil. I guess Macy's just got tired of waiting.

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