Tuesday, June 27, 2017

JS Says Former Peoria County Sheriff, Mike McCoy Retires

Well, if he retired, why did he quickly take the position of City of Washington, Il. Police Chief? Republican McCoy received little fanfare and little or no accolades for the commendable job he did under trying circumstances in Peoria and Peoria County. Why did he really leave Peoria? The JS never interviewed him to ask why but it is alleged that the REAL story as to why he left Peoria is the fact that a Democrat  controlled Peoria County Board cut his budget to the point where he felt he could not continue to protect his territory to his satisfaction.

In my 10 years on the Peoria County Board from which I RETIRED, (the JS said I 'stepped' down) the attitude of Democrats was that if there was a % budget cut, the Sheriff's office should receive the same. Despite the fact that we housed one County department in a separate building, had two offices we did not need, took the Hanna City Correctional Center abandoned property and money draining 42 acres from the State, (it costs somewhere in the vicinity of $100,000.00 to maintain while providing no benefits to the County) gave employees raises during hard times while the public sector tried to survive, sent 2 Democrats on a junket to Hawaii and voted not to accept a low bid from a local reputable contractor because he failed by $100 to meet "prevailing wages" (cost to the taxpayers $30,000.00) and was constantly overstaffed in other departments). Twice or more did the County offer retirement incentives to workers who took the money, yet service to the community did not suffer.

I wish Sheriff McCoy the best in his new County and his position of concern of safety for the residents.

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