Tuesday, June 27, 2017

County, City, Park District - All Controlled by Democrats

While the City is non-partisan, never-the-less, it has a Democrat attitude Council. You can also expect the two entities to try to work more closely as County Board Chairman Andrew Rand is alleged to be a housemate of one of the new prominent members of the City Council.

Recently, a JS "reporter" stated that the City and County had been trying to combine services to save money for the past 5 years. This shows how so many reporters write lies while being claiming to be "fair and balanced". My accurate records, a one inch thick file,  show that efforts were being made before year 2000. I served on a joint committee of 2 Councilmen and 2 County Board members 10 years ago, Mike Mason headed up a consolidation committee 16 years ago and many efforts, some successful to combine were mad before the year 2000.

Sheriff McCoy worked to combine public safety with the City to little avail.

Interesting when you consider the very poor financial status of all including an all Democrat Peoria Park District.

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Merle Widmer said...

Read "Partnering For Success", Intergovernmental Relations Report dated November 2005. City/County Service Consolidation published by the Peoria County Board. 5 years old effort, says "Green behind the ears", JS reporter.and Mary Ardapple, no longer on the County Board, thank goodness. How about 11 years old or actually 20 years since the County has been 'trying' to consolidate services with the City with limited success?

Combine security forces with the City? It will never happen in Peoria County.