Monday, June 05, 2017

JS Hard Democrat Mike Bailey and Crew Have Buried Three Trump Issues Of Which They Agreed

Forwarded to me by a friend. Merle

Our local paper, the Peoria Urinal Star, ripped Trump awhile ago for saying that Muslim "refugees" were destroying Sweden. The day after they ran the editorial the Muslim section of Stockholm was up in flames and a Swedish pollster released data say 33% of Swedish women are afraid to be outdoors alone.

“Young girls tell me they are sexually harassed by newcomer guys both at school and outside of school. They say they do not feel safe in the school corridors. They say they have stopped going home by themselves after school. They say they do not take the bus either.”
“They are called racists when they talk about their reality and what they face” from the staff at the schools, he said. Having visited schools every week for over a year and a half, Lamotte said he has seen the same story play out again and again.

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