Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pastor Jim Offutt/Peoria-Canton Minister Should Stick to His Profession

Pastor Offutt, sounding like a true #4 Democrat can't figure out why white evangelists stick to Trump. Perhaps the good black pastor would like us to stick to his idol, Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt and dis-honest people to ever have been in a tight race to become a sorry President of the U.S.A.

Pastor Offutt's avid listeners are 98% black Democrats. Your flock supports, as the Traveler Weekly verifies, Jeremiah A. Wright (Vol;. 52, No. 5, May 2017) a confirmed Socialist/Marxist, adores Dr. Cornell West, the Berkeley, Ca. Socialist and possibly Eugene Debs, the Marxist, featured in a cartoon in the Community Word Democrat..

Nice try Jim. Surely you will attend the JS Editor speaking at the Lakeview Library, tomorrow evening whose subject will be "Fake News". Coming from the, JS this should be interesting subject.


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