Friday, June 23, 2017

The Too Silent Right -- Left Leading the Effort to Destroy the America More Than 48% of Us Love

This week's poll of the popularity of our President showed 48% of those interviewed support the progress and especially the efforts of President Trump. Knowing that the sore and now dangerous left would always try to make the public believe our President is an abject failure, even publicly calling for his assassination, that 48% of us still strongly support him, is remarkable.

If, as Jim Nowlan states his reasons why people are still angry; I am one of those, the silent right must not let the left buy and control all the major medias. (I believe Fox TV is still the most believable major TV media, I do not watch CNN. Their bias is dramatically evident)

If their are to be assassinations, both dramatized and actual, it is past time to remove members of the increasingly violent left from the face of this earth. Perhaps starting with Actor Johnny Depp, the 'comedian" comedian Ms. Griffin, billionaires Andrew Lack and Jeff Zucker, Rachel Maddow, Marxist Maxine Waters, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and all "leaders" who are calling for the removal by any means of the man most of us common sense people support.

I have long predicted a coming violent revolution in this country. I ask President Trump to keep the support of all security forces. The right, Republicans and Independents, has mostly believed in tolerance to be the best answer to those promoting violence. However, in a battle for survival between a sheep and a wolf, the sheep will ALWAYS lose.

So sad to see so much mis-information coming from medias that are 80% controlled by leftist Democrats, both in ownership and reporting. Making up their own left-leaning versions of the facts, especially our own local medias.

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