Friday, June 09, 2017

Wasting Your Time Reading and Watching Today's Pitiful Politics? Read These Books

"Suddenly" by George Will. While Will is not a favorite of mine, this book published in 1990, foreshadows today's world. I believe Will is slated to speak before the Creve Couer Club soon. Book can be found at the Republican Headquarters on Knoxville.

"A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea" by Melissa Fleming published in 2017 is a relatively true story of a young woman's extremely frightful struggle to escape from Syria to the safety of the free world. While I agree with our Presidents wish that Muslims should be more carefully vetted before entering this country as refugees, this book is a challenge to some mindsets.

"Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy" written by Nicholas Reynolds and published this year, tells the reader about the secret adventures of Ernest Hemingway through the years 1935-61. A spellbinder. Hard to put down.

"El Paso" by Wilson Groom published in 2016 is factual novel of later frontier life in the early and mid 1800's" in the South Western part of the disputed land of what is today our country. (By hook or crook).Featured prominently is the turmoil between large landowners, Pancho Villa and El Padrino for leadership and control.  This book is of special interest to me as my business took me to El Paso and frequent visits cross the border. Also one of my best customers was located in Casa Grande as well as the San Francisco Giants Spring Training headquarters.

"A Single Spy" written by William Christie and published in 2017, takes you to the the depths and the reality of espionage. So realist that it is a book hard to put down.This book gives the reader more insight as to what is being malinged by the mainstream medias.

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