Thursday, June 01, 2017

Trump Trump's Paris Agreement; Markets Hit Highest Levels Ever

Radical Environmental protester's, most of them Socialist Democrats have organized to combat his decision to drop out by 2020. Meanwhile, our President will attempt to start renegotiating the environmental demands that protect large countries such as the worst polluters on earth, China and India. While asking for billions from us to correct other countries pollution problems.

Warning to protesters. Do all the peaceful protesting you wish. However, do not block any street on which I am driving. I've lived 20 more years than I thought and those neer-do-wells,over-educated but still ignorant and wealthy "Block Anything That Trump Does" self-serving traitors to our country well-being, have already lived too long. While applauding Obama's disastrous 8 year destroying this nation.

This country has already spent a trillion or more in reducing harmful emissions. However, methane gas is pollution. How do you stop animals that fart methane gas, including humans, from farting?

Plus climate change occurred dozens of time in recording history. Did Dinosaur farts cause the glaciers that formed the Great Lakes to eventually recede or was it ADM, CAT and Ameren?

Good question, Merle. And thanks for helping stop litter and recycling all your paper, plastic bags, can and glass.

If anyone knows a time and place where protesters assemble, PLEASE let me know. I will, watch, listen and be active. Especially at any Town Hall meetings. Republican or Democrat.

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