Friday, June 02, 2017


Has anyone noticed the degree of mental instability that has permeated the liberals, particularly in media, entertainment and politics? Every time Trump as much as Tweets, let alone takes solid action to protect and enhance America they get completely hysterical. They yell. They sob. They threaten. They resort to violence. For 8 years citizens actually were victimized and spied on in a manner the KGB only dreamed of ever doing and CRICKETS.
We were sold out to globalists in an "America last" agenda under Obama. Criminal acts were business as usual in the Obama regime. We on the right did get angry but we marched peacefully. We boycotted. WE VOTED. We were civilized even under the threat of a Clinton presidency and the end of our Republic.
Hats off to us. Those that still revere God, country, the Constitution and rule of law. Have a great Friday and weekend patriots!

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