Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mark Steyn, Author of 'AFTER AMERICA' May Be the Best Political Pundit of This Century

This book, published in 2011, says "get ready for Armageddon".  Frightening. enlightening and factual. Must read for ALL who are concerned about the future of this once great country.

Optimistic about America's future? Don't be, says Steyn. "It's not just our looming financial collapse. it's not just a culture that seems to be on the fast track to perdition, full of hapless, childish people who think government has the answer for every problem; it's not just America's potential eclipse as a world power because of the drunken sailor (not politically correct, Mark, ha, I say) policymaking in Washington--no, it's all this and more that spells one word for America: Armageddon".

I'm regretful that it took me this long to find this book, but 6 years later it reflects the condition of our country today.

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