Thursday, June 01, 2017

Poor/Wealthy LeBron James Wail - "Blacks Will Never Be Equal To Whites"

How true. Example - I will never be equal to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ronald Reagan, Rita Kress, Dave Ransburg, Jerrry and Helen Stephens, Gary Bielfelt, Governer Rauner, any Trump, all multi-millioaires, billionaires, Dianne Oberhelman, Dr. Rodenburg, etc.l'l stop now because I could list 2 billion people, I, or most whites would ever feel "equal" to.

The big bully, allegedly using some form of illegal body building drug, should note that 98% of the people IN ATTENDANCE are WHITE PEOPLE making him a multi-multi millionaire forever.

Big bully, did you see him intentionally knocking down and trying to step on an opposition member and have no foul called and no mention of it in the local paper? Of course not, it was black man and black man. If HE WOULD HAVE BEEN A WHITE PLAYER KNOCKING DOWN AND WALKING OVER A BLACK PLAYER, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REPORTED NATIONALLY.
Watch basketball, and you will see big bullies like him shoving and knocking down the player guarding them. Referees now consider it as just part of the game.

Prominent black people should not be railing (and getting big support from the left- wing Democrat newspapers) blacks to hate whites for every real or perceived slight. There are an awful lot of likable black people in this country. There are also devils; both black and white.

Equality and Diversity; words whose intent is seldom properly used.

So sad/

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