Tuesday, May 23, 2017

ITF Is Pushing to Make Public Schools Sanctuaries For "Immigrants"

And many Socialist teaching teachers endorsing the movement. Recently, racist JS reporter, Pam Adams, wrote a column headed, "Immigrants Seek Sanctuary in Public Schools". This position is being pushed by the ITF and Teachers Unions in all states. Her 800+ word column used the word 'immigrants' until the 2nd to last 60 words when she finally mentioned, 'illegal' immigrants.

A Washington Post Survey showed that 90% of the press showed a negative attitude toward Trump. Easy explanation  Not hard to explain. Most journalism teachers are Democrats teaching one form or another of Socialism over Capitalism.

Note how many news reports talk about our President deporting "immigrants". So many lies and so many gullible and poorly educated believers.

Plus POOR LOSERS. So sad.

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