Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Black People - Why do Belligerent Black Skinned People Insist on Being Called African-Americans??

My Dad was born in Switzerland. His family, basically Amish at that time, fled because of what they felt was religious persecution. The family passed legally through Ellis Island. My Mother's Mother and Father came legally from Europe to Canada and then to the United States of America.

Most  black skinned people came as slaves who were treated as harshly in their homelands as most were treated harshly in America and other places. Wherever the cruel slave traders shipped them after buying them from cruel black African hierarchy.

Slavery was hardly new when the first slaves arrived in America. Slavery and slave trading has been going on before the first history was recorded. Slavery, in the same and different forms, perhaps, is still reportedly practiced in certain countries today.

Today, black and dark skinned people proportionately dominate the advertising industry, basketball on all levels, football, Hollywood, play-acting and music, etc. These opportunities would NEVER be happening had they continued to live in their homelands.

Rodney King's ;lament, "why can't we all just get along" will NEVER happen, Racists of all colors do not find it to their PERSONAL advantage to let the "racism" scream abate. Advantages to people of all colors have opportunity to advance in this country, despite it's class system that is usual in white-skinned America as well as all people of any color or ethnic group.

Passed up opportunities to pick the "right" peers, public schools are free, the opportunity to not emulate drug users of all types, good manners, personal discipline and responsibility are easily adopted by observation, the right to vote, legally campaign and protest, seek any kind of job one is 'qualified" for and the list goes on.

Failure is almost always personal. It is easy to blame others as so many are being taught by their "leaders".

Demanding Diversity and Equality is an insult to those with factual understanding. Leadership in most of the black communities. Peoria. Il., being no exception, is best described as abysmal.

So sad. This blog is written by a Swiss/German /American legal citizen. I. too, can be factious.

Wake up, young people, and work to create your own reasonably happy future. No totally sane person ever promised you welfare if you were PHYSICALLY able to work. As my wise Dad always told us kids, "hard work never killed anyone" He worked had and lived to be 94, only dying then of empasymia caused by dust from the machines he used, mainly the threshing machine. Yes, I too, was part of an era young people, especially black youth, are seldom told or TAUGHT.

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