Monday, January 29, 2018

More Trump "Swamp Cleaning" in D.C.

McCabe 'resigning' from the FBI with full benefits end of March. I never mentioned that the FBI sent a total of 6 people to ask tennis players at the Army-Navy Club in Arlington asking if they saw the plane that hit the Pentagon (2 miles away from the tennis courts). I was at the Club and saw them. Two groups of three, Two different days.

Hundreds of people, including myself, who heard the 600 miles an hour plane with the landing gear up, saw that it veered from it's it's intended course. My full interview with my deceased friend, DeWayne Bartels, appeared in the now gone Observor.

Even a Democrat politician would have known that the plane was intended to hit the White House and the second plane that real heroes caused to crash was to hit the Pentagon. When the terrorists learned about the fate of the other plane, they had to make a quick decision and that was the 'hated' Pentagon. Plus it was a bigger and more visible target.

Where was the stiff-necked FBI BEFORE the horrible attacks?

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