Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Clare Howard, Editor Of the Community Word (Democrat) Good At Publishing Fake News

The Community Word rag prints more fake news in one month than the Journal Star daily prints in 6 months. Two Republicans (joke, joke) quasi Republican, Ray LaHood, who was part of the 'swamp' in D.C. for so many years and then probably the most unqualified Department of Transportation Obama era Cabinet member in recent history and another quasi Republican, Roger Monroe, can still have his shortened column if he does'nt attack any Democrats.

Radical environmentalist, CW Editor, Clare Howard, hates Republicans and our President with such passion that she allows 'columnists' Sherry Cannon and Kamara Taylor write viscious lies about whites and Trump and the Republicans. I've written about the racism spewed by Cannon before. In this months CW edition, Cannon, who has some role in Elite and is the wife of Elite leader Carl Cannon to my knowledge, wrote, "that she wants to challenge a system here in the United States that builds wealth and power on the backs of the poor, defenseless and weak".

Taylor wrote, " Blacks in this country are encouraged to be amnesia victims, taught to forget the past, to forget that Blacks are beaten and killed by the police for being Blacks, are painted as thugs and animals and black women as welfare queens,  considered easy sexually and lazy otherwise".

Editor Clare Howard wrote that "President Donald Trump views gun violence as a Marvel comic scenario with heroic gunplay".Is Editor Howard talking about the daily killing of Blacks by Blacks in Chicago and the frequent Black on Black shootings here in Peoria??

Howard is insanely addicted to causes that would bring this country further down as under Obama did while she supports the absolutely miserable performance of Democrat Mike Madigan,  the Democrat controlled Legislature and the Democrat Chicago Mayor who has let his city bccome the 'killing capitol' of the U.S.A.

This newspaper has touted the work of Marxist Eugene Debs, has stretched and faked the truth about every action by whites to stimulate racism of Peoria youth and some Black adults who should know better.

Some of the quotes about some Blacks are true. I will not identify the quotes. CW is basically a "kill the Rich" and train the poor to "eat fish, but don't let any white train them how to catch them".

Worst news rag overall that I have EVER READ. Why do I read the CW? To read it to see how far the radical  'tolerables' have progressed under Trump and we 'intolerables'.

The radicals like most who write for the CW are among the poorest losers in this nation; right here in Peoria where the term "if it plays in Peoria......is being forgotten by these losers.

Common sense Blacks, Whites and the poor have come a long way. But the world will always have radicals living in the past and realizing they have not been part of the progress. As Pogo said, "We has recognized the enemy and the enemy is us".

So sad.

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