Thursday, January 25, 2018

To Nay-Sayers. Trickle Down Appears To Be Working, Workers Worth It Or Not

Very little mention of merit pay these days.In the 1990's, I visited all but three Peoria Public Schools. I witnessed first hand why so many, especially those that are now militant blacks and and disappointed whites, while playing the 'blame others' game.

The the dumbing down of all races and genders. to make them feel good with their often false grades. Hard to hold the students interest in an education when welfare benefits paid more than a real job. While local drug dealers 15 years and up, were wearing bookoo gold chains and flashing their money while impregnating impressed young women..

And then leaving them with kids and no money.

Hard for even good teachers, of which their are many, encouraging these kids to be the best they could be.  Why so many have had trouble finding and holding living wages jobs for the last 2 decades.

See my blog of years ago titled, "Dumbing Down". A source prominently linked to Peoria Promise told me that of those who had graduated from high school, 75% had to take remedial reading once they had entered ICC.

So sad.

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