Thursday, January 25, 2018

Excess Wealth In All Countries - The U.S.A. Is Ranked 7th

Most earned by hard work and ambition. And the ability to see something others see but don't want to work that hard. Nothing wrong with those who are satisfied with a decent living. Much wealth is  inherited wealth.

Equal opportunity is promised and even that promise is somewhat  false.

I would never been able to be a LeBron James, worth a reputeded 260 million, And a child born crippled has a difficult world but most make the best of their condition. We have our problems here and have millions of Social workers and Agencies to assist those in need., but we are not to play 'sugar daddy' to the whole world who ask for help from us because they know we have a history of giving.

Giving is good but needs in the U.S.A. come FIRST.

The wealthy, at least most of them, give a lot to charities. Too bad that it makes them feel good, while they don't pay much attenention to how their 'charitalble' money is spent.

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