Monday, January 29, 2018

Water and Earth Facts Few People Know - Or Know and Don't Want To Believe

73% of the earth is covered by water. 63% is contained in ice and snow. The crust of the earth is constantly changing due to activities often far below the crust.  As more materials are taken out below the crust. the more likely to have sinkholes and local destructive changes to the earth crusts.

Scientists that report facts will say that many factors may be involved in surface changes on this planet on which we all live.

Many deserts were once covered with water. Change on the crust of the earth are more noticeable and these changes cause radicals of all types to put the blame on anyone they don't like.

The blame goes on mother mature; on an earth that still has hundreds of active volcanoes, earthquakes; remember the disastrous one that hit San Francisco in 1907 and flooding that wiped out the City of Dawin, Australia on a Christmas Day more than a century ago and of course, the flood that wiped out Galveston., Texas,  New Orleans, the Mt. St. Helens volcano, Pompei, Italy and so many of natures disasters that would fill a book, all happening in just the last 1000 years.

And destructive forest fires, most often caused by lightning and ignorants or deliberate humanoids.

Blame Mother Nature and teach these elementary facts in our public school systems rather than the erroneous babel of the Al Gore types, many of them local.

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