Monday, January 29, 2018

Oprah Winfrey Net Worth - 3.9 BILLION Dollars

She is one of thousands of black people who make over 8 million a year. Using Ms. Winfrey an example, if she gave $300,000,000.00 away to poor NEEDY blacks, she would still be worth $3.6 billion and earning close to $3 hundred million or more EACH year..

She's come a long way from slavery. So have ALL OTHER BLACKS WHO LIVE IN AMERICA,
Slavery exist in countries all over the world TODAY. Why not 'hit' on those countries or better yet move there and help them throw of their bondage.

I suggest the radicals who blame our President on their woes, read books other than the oncs that keep blaming the white Republicans for some factual woes and many created by themselves.

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